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Update:  Thanks to Jeremy, for letting us know about the fix available from Microsoft.

Background: One of our users was having frequent clipboard disconnects. When asked to narrow it down, he found that every time he ran Windows Media Player 11, the clipboard connection dropped.  Upon investigation, it seems that Windows Media Player 11 will distrupt the clipboard connection 100% of the time! 

Tested: Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5145 on XP

Problem: Running Windows Media Player (WMPlayer) 11 causes dropped clipboard gaming connection

Test: You can demonstrate the same behavior with the regular XP clipboard viewer:

1) Close all programs, including WMPlayer.

2) Run the XP clipboard viewer: Start | Run | Clipbrd.Exe (if not installed, install it with add/remove windows components, in control panel).

3) Copy this line from your web browser, it should show up in the clipboard viewer.

4) Start Windows Media Player 11

5) Copy THIS LINE from the web online gaming browser. It should show up in the clipboard.

If line 5 didn’t show up in the clipboard, but line 3 did, then WMPlayer is clearly interfering with the clipboard connection.

Oh boy, it’s even better. After shutting WMPlayer down, the clipboard notification chain is still busted. They have a SERIOUS problem here.

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I suspect that they are registering as a clipboard viewer, but are failing to pass along the WM_DrawClipboard messages to the next viewer.  Full information on how to do this correctly is documented on our clipboard viewer page.

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